Instituto VBSO

Instituto VBSO, or VBSO Institute, was founded in 2021 as an important tool to further the scope of the social responsibility activities developed by law firm VBSO Advogados. The purpose of the organization is to invest in the training of the world’s greatest asset and change-making strength: children and youths. Instituto VBSO believes that it is necessary to move past traditional educational barriers by promoting qualified education and establishing a virtuous cycle for personal development, capable of impacting future generations, thereby increasing the opportunity for such children and youths to make their dreams come true, by becoming leading actors of their own stories. The Institute’s projects are supported by education enthusiasts and educational organizations, which skillfully manage and develop the organization, to focus on projects to foster social justice and equity.

Purpose: The purpose of this Instituto is to encourage and promote activities and projects in culture, sports, citizenship, human rights and the protection of the rights of children and youth.

Mission: To share the fruits of our results with society, changing lives and future generations through qualified education.

Vision: To contribute to social projects that positively affect people’s lives in our community, allowing for social transformation and to increase opportunities to share knowledge, which are key to prepare better people, and a more just country. The organization believes that interactive education, based on real-life bonds and on the practical application in professional activities, and in the community, resorting to technological tools in this social transformation process, as well as the production of student-led content, plays a meaningful role in qualified education and in learning innovation.

Instituto VBSO fosters the VBSO DNA in its activities, as well as the values inherent to VBSO Advogados, acting in a sustainable fashion according to the values related to social justice and the increased value of those who make a difference, as well as to the values of empathy, ongoing investment in people training to overcome any barriers imposed by social inequality.

Find out more about some of the projects supported by Instituto VBSO: