VBSODay 2019

09 Sep VBSODay 2019

On August 30th, we held our first VBSO Day, an internal competition between teams of lawyers and interns aimed at solving a practical challenge involving the real case of a client, ZEG, a Capitale Energy Group company. The goals of the activity were to foster multidisciplinary vision, stimulate group work, technical development and the ability to find innovative solutions.

The solution presented by the groups should contain a legal structuring plan for the project of a new business, considering the corporate structure for viability, the tax impact, the fundraising structure, the use of Capital Market mechanisms and the risks (legal and non-legal).

The winning team had the lawyers Henrique Lisboa, Gabriel Lelis, Diogo Ferreira, Juliana Vaz and Ana Carolina Martin and the intern Carlos Galuban Neto.

At VBSO Advogados, our vision of being a leading technical and service reference firm in our areas of expertise is supported by our permanent and consistent investment in people, from the recruitment, and especially in the training of people.