About us

VBSO Advogados is a law firm striving to be a reference in technical quality and service in Banking Law and Capital Markets, Corporate Law and Tax Law, in the advisory and litigation practices.  We are a team of experts with solid multidisciplinary background and permanent focus on fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Expertise.  Focus on the client. Reputation.  These are the three cornerstones sustaining our practice in pursuit of offering solutions to complex questions and efficient legal answers to corporate demands, helping the development of successful businesses.

Our people define us.  Knowledge management guides us.

Our greatest asset is our people.  And their quality is the key to the success in our mission of serving our clients.  Therefore, we invest heavily in hiring talents and, above all, in developing our people within our culture: the VBSO’ DNA.

As a team of experts, it is essential that we fully dominate the technical tools of our practice areas.  Coming from the best Law schools, our professionals hold solid legal training, combined with deep expertise in their areas, which put them in the center of the main legal discussions in their practice.

However, we understand that expertise alone is not enough for the formation of good lawyers.  These should, a priori, bear solid multidisciplinary training, not only in Law areas (after all, for example, how to become a specialist in Corporate Law without understanding the tax impacts of a corporate reorganization or a tax lawyer without a deep understanding of the legal nature of a certain transaction and its impact on the business?), but in complementary or ancillary areas to their activities, such as business management, accounting, finance, and negotiation techniques, enabling our lawyers to have an overall view of our clients’ businesses and thus the proposition of more efficient and comprehensive legal solutions.

How can we help you today?

There is no lawyer without a client. And we believe that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care about them.  Therefore, care with the client defines our performance.

Our work is based on the complete understanding of the needs of our clients in order to achieve their purposes.  However, beyond results, we worry about offering the best experience to them by exercising empathy, attention, and communicating in a clear and transparent way, offering full availability of our professionals, especially the most seniors.

We believe that being a lawyer is essentially building strong confidence-based relationships.  For this purpose, beyond reputation, it is important to truly connect with the client – understanding them in all their needs and with genuine willingness to serve – and invest in our credibility, which only exists if we preserve our independence. Such independence enables us to express the truth as we see it, preserves the confidentiality and discretion in our performance and engagement in cases in which the value we add to our clients largely overcomes the price of our services.

Guided by our values.

In order to achieve our purposes, we sustain our practice in a culture based on our own values, which guides both our external and internal activities.  Among them, we highlight the continuous investment in the formation of people, ethical behavior, focus on the client, valorization of the ones making the difference, capability in endeavoring, economic and social sustainability of our activity and cooperative and respectful behavior.