Social Responsibility

Helping to Make a Difference in Society

At VBSO Advogados, we believe that making a difference for our clients and people is not enough: it is necessary to share the fruits of our success with the community. For this reason, it is only natural for the law firm to be involved in social responsibility activities, as an essential complement of our culture. After all, everyone wins when the world changes for the better. Below are some of the initiatives that VBSO Advogados supports:

Instituto VBSO

Instituto VBSO, or VBSO Institute, was founded in 2021 as an important tool to further the scope of the social responsibility activities developed by law firm VBSO Advogados. The purpose of the organization is to invest in the training of the world’s greatest asset and change-making strength: children and youths. Instituto VBSO believes that it is necessary to move past traditional educational barriers by promoting qualified education and establishing a virtuous cycle for personal development, capable of impacting future generations, thereby increasing the opportunity for such children and youths to make their dreams come true, by becoming leading actors of their own stories. The Institute’s projects are supported by education enthusiasts and educational organizations, which skillfully manage and develop the organization, to focus on projects to foster social justice and equity.

Logo Instituto VBSO


GRAACC, or Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e à Criança com Câncer (Support Group for Children and Youth with Cancer) is a non-profit organization set up to ensure that children and youths with cancer receive the best possible treatment available, and have the right to access all chances of cure, with due quality of life. The GRAACC hospital offers approximately 3,000 appointments per year, ranging from chemotherapy sessions, outpatient procedures, and surgeries to bone marrow transplants, among others. Aside from diagnosing and treating child cancer, the Group also develops teaching and research activities. Based on partnerships between academic research centers, companies and the community, GRAACC has fostered a relationship of social vision and trust with companies, and has engaged people to participate in and contribute towards the fight against child cancer.

VBSO Advogados is proud to be part of the organization’s sponsors, making monthly contributions to its social projects, helping reduce costs and providing direct support to the hospital, as well as in the investments made in research, training of new professionals and the cure of children and youths with cancer. VBSO Advogados is an Investing Partner of GRAACC and helps fight and win the battle against child cancer.

HeForShe – ONU Mulheres

The HeForShe solidarity movement was created by UN Women to provide a systematic approach and a targeted platform by which a global audience can participate and become an agent of change to achieve gender equality around the world. HeForShe invites all people to walk together as equal partners to create a shared vision of a world of gender equality and implement specific, locally relevant solutions for the good of humanity.

VBSO Advogados has officially supported the initiative since 2017, having pledged to promote concrete actions to ensure gender equality in the workplace, and in society.

Universidade de São Paulo Legal Department

In 2017, we became sponsors of the Legal Department XI de Agosto, the largest private legal aid entity of the country. Working in several areas of law, the Legal Department of Universidade de São  Paulo continues the mission for which it was conceived more than 96 years ago: to initiate the students of the University in the practice of the law, while to guarantee to the deprived population of the city of São Paulo free access to Justice.