Nature provides us with everything.  Water, which is magically renewed in an endless cycle of self-purification; the air; the plants that produce the oxygen required for the constant renovation; the soil that is capable of producing rich and diversified food, and the fibers for our...

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18 Sep D&O Civil Liability

The Superior Court of Justice has recently decided that fraudulent and dishonest acts favouring personal interests and practices, which are damaging to companies and the capital markets are not covered under the Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance policy of a corporate entity. In the case in...

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18 Sep MP 784: Government AMENDS THE RULES FOR ADMINISTRATIVE proceedings WITH the central bank of brazil and the brazilian securities commission

In addition to the new rules brought by Provisional Measure No. 784 of June 8, 2017 (“PM 784”), as outlined in our newsletter [1] regarding new violations, penalties, coercive measures and alternative means of dispute resolutions applicable to institutions under the supervision of the Central...

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